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community sheet # 2 of Dr Ma9'i -  Shaima2 Shrayem Empty community sheet # 2 of Dr Ma9'i - Shaima2 Shrayem

Post by Shadi Jarrar on 23/4/2011, 1:34 pm

بسم اللهالرحمن الرحيم

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

yesterday we talked about the environment and we talked about different classification .

Today we will talking about environmental balance,Ecobalance
Eco balance is a matter of harmony btw the different component of the environment The outcome is to maintain life.

The moment we interfere with this ecobalance then we lose life in that system that’ s a reason why sometimes you look at the river or what used to be a river and then start to pollute that place and then you comeback later to that place to discover there is no more life no more fish no more for creature inside this place .

What is happen ?
this pollution interfere with this balance and we kill life in that place so we need this sorts of harmony to be there inside the different component of the environment .

since we talking about the environment so whats keep this balance what’s bring this balance? what do we have with this balance ?
Living and living inside the ecosystem and harmony btw them. Whats bring this harmony ,This balance, what do u think ?

there is a group of factors playing on each of these system we call them pulling Vs pushing or growing Vs reducing . something try to increase life in the system such as reproduction creature. What about they r?
they tend to produce them self. E.g bacteria will devided into two animals have to meet plants different ways of multiplications so the end is there is a tendancy inside these creatures to increase so this is a factor we called a growth factor .

Now if we leave this good factor without control what happen to the system ?
It will expand and then explode and there will be ??7d b27 inside so we need something else in the other spectrum which is reducing factor like disease and death.

a sick animal won’t to reproduce as fast as healthy animal
Now any creature u know should die so this is another reducing factor so we have growth factor Vs producing factors <<< I think 2no el3bara 3lt >>> the out come is a sort of balance

Now either two component, two groups, of factors growth or reducing can be of two subdivisions some of them are biological factors other are non biological factors.

Now if we talking about death & reproduction they are biological factors .
Non biological factors like availability of food & water in the system .
If there is good of food & water so0o increase in growth if less& less s0o0 decrease in growth

If we look at the year cycle if there is good amount of food &water so every thing floish like in spring try to multiply / increase and so far . but years come later we have winter and we have reducing factors as an example where this food &water decrease so we have reducing factor so these are reducing and growth factors together component of ecosystem the outcome is balance .

اذا بتروح على نهر البردة بتحكي وحدة من 2 يا اما يلي كتب الشعر عنه ما كان صاحي في وقتها لانه حاليا ما فيه حياة عبارة عن sewer system almost
نهر الزرقاء \سيل الزرقاءبتكون مع جدك او ابوك بقولك كنا بنروح شمة هوا هناك وحياة حلوة هلأ بتقول مستحيل في شي خطأ
So what we r doing here?these r e.g. that we are damaging this system just buzz we have interfere with this balance
How do we interfere with this balance ?
We as human being ..iam not talking about natural thing like disasters there is 2 types of disaster natural Vs man made .
What is mean disaster (d)?
لما تقول رسبت بامتحان هاد مو كارثة !! كارثة بالنسبة الك ..
(d) should be a scale that affect good no. of people &or good ??? area of place .
In USA if there is a hole cane hitting place then its only the hit of state
The one who decide that this area is have been affected by this (d)
If he said this word (d) he mean that there are renglgable ??for compensation from ?government ,money, if he didn’t said then u have to do it with ur self
So its not a matter that we decide our self as on individual bases that this is (d) .

(d) that we talking about is a big scale thing like what happen now in JAPAN as an e.g Is going out of scale during12 seconds what happen is great .

Tsunami an earth equip ?under the sea this is a major event while we r talking about 100 or 1miilion bombs all of sudden have erupted tsunami hitting Japan from this side & affect the other part of USA imagine how many thousand & thousand of km(s) btw two places but again both of them have been hit

Do we have manmade (d) ?
Of course one of them is war .

#1 War now a day can do or they found they attended sometimes purpose fully they hit the environment when ISRAEEL is get uncy Palestinian
One way to harm them ببعتوا الجرافات تجرف المناطق الزراعية
Soo damage the environment there so its target for them or indirectly what happen in IRAQ for e.g when they use depleted uranium in their bombs &in their tangs in their pullets then when they use this harm they harm the environment
So the enviro. Is big term we talking bout man made (d) intentionally or non intentionally of course it is not always war but again if you transferring that material in a big ship Or train & sudden accident happen then again spread of This material is sort of man made (d) so this is no. 1 thing .

# 2 is pollution
What do we mean when we say something pollute?
The definition of pollution is the presence of foreign material its not original material to the system
e.g.: water must be H2O only
if I found iron ,led ,mercury whatever so we call this polluted water.
If we use this definition then every thing around us is polluted. You never find water as H2Ono more you never find air as original component for this reason we wont use the word pollution
unless we add something to it not original to it or interfere with the original component or to the extent that cause harm in our health

امسك كاسة ماء اشربها . لو حللتها ولقيت فيها
Mercury u don’t say this is polluted . you will accept that .Why ??
Bcz you have been told that this water wont harm your health so far you don’t considered as polluted.. so we adjust the definition of pollution ..If u open any kind of dictionary u will find Pollution is any thing different /abnormal things considered as pollution
We don’t use this definition you must to add to it unless there is harming coming out . for that reason we accept water bcz we knew the environment no more clean %
We accept relatively something not harmful as being not polluted although we knew by original definition it is polluted

So each one of us ,countries & communities they pollute every day
كل واحدحسب حجمه . لما بترمي بطاقة الخلوي بعد ما شحنتها , بكيت الدخان كمان ....
You add individually ..if you say it is a little pit
When we multiply these little pit by million people at the same country then the mount will be something Big
so we are polluting our environment continuously .
لذلك نسعى دائما لتثقيف الناس كل واحد يكون واعي على بيئته

We cant say Amman is clean city bcz we have 10000 Egyptian workers building up this city .
If you look in other e.g the cities clean bcz their people (living there) they wont trash they don’t through except in the right place that’s why they live in clean place .

#3 is simplification تبسيط
Making something simple
Now we are talking about simplification of ecosystem means
iam changing a complex system into a simple one which is bad you should keep the system as complex one bcz complex system is capable of facing any insult on that system from outside , if not its become fragile ,easily Damaged
Lets have an e.g If I take a forest the forest is a very complex system .

عمركم شفتو حد بسقيها او برش عليها مبيدات !!؟
NO0O0 we don’t need this although it live 1000 & 1000 years
Amazon & Gowanda million of years still
What is the problem f we deleted ,cut trees change it into a Farm ?
Now this farm if u put your plants what ever it and you go back your home then come to it ( to care it ) you will find it is dead Why ?
Bcz its not complex one its fragile happen hit by micro organisms that cause disease or kills this plants .

So this is not happening in complex one although it is the same land in (farm & forest )
الارض والمنطقة نفسها بس تغير ال
Component to simple one and this what we doing the simplification of system .. Forest to farm or into different uses for our use then we damaging & harming these system & this is one way of damaging eco system & change it from complex to simple fragile one and not capable of staying there as this

#4 abuse of resources
Resources are those of things , materials or powers found in our planet to be used by us .
We are talking about Oil is a sort of resource , sunlight is a source
So we are using this resources to serve our need for different uses like energy .

Now what is happening here that those resources are at least of two types One group of these resources can reproduce (again &again) with out problem there is no reduction like sunlight it will not be less when we use we call it (continually Renewable with high speed )
But oil… world problem how control our source<<< بخافو انه ينتهي
So each of us and countries want to keep it as much as possible .
Oil is renewable but at very very slow process / speed We need millions of years this what happen actually
How oil produced ???
كان في اسماك في المياه انحسرت المياه وبقت الاسماك والكائنات الاخرى مع ضغط
So that’s why when we use Non renewable sources (Relatively renewable we have to be careful

But what we doing here now we r over using we r (abusing )
An American citizen use 12 times more meat more energy than other person in third world countries
They call them selves Beef Eaters
If u calculate how much beef Americans person an average take every year and take any body else an average in third world countries you find 10 to 12 times more uses .
more energy , electricity , water , oil & that’s why this sort of abuse it is over
عشان هيك مبارح طفى العالم ساعة اضاءة
To create some feeling in people that have to save our planet just one hour in 134 countries all over the world at one time
So these are 4 ways by which we interfere with balance we as human being and we add to this the natural power so as if the environment can pollute it self naturally volcano qiuiqs
Those are self polluter We are not talking about . we talk about human being and how reflect this harm to our systems and contaminate our environment

قي اقوال كتيرة(نصائح) هاي الايام انه هاي مش ملكنا البيئة احنا استعرناها من اجدادنا و بنخليها لاولادنا
We think about using any over use of source of energy we wont like to derive our children ….Think about future generation if we continue to abusing our sources and outcome would be that we don’t have much oil and hope to find other source of energy

Now lets take water
Water we don’t have much water
احنا افقر دول العالم من ناحية الماء نحتل المرتبة الرابعة
What happen here ??
Simplification , abusing of source ….. all happen in Jordan
الاردن احد معانيها المنطقة الخضراء !!!! لو كانت الاردن على زمن الامويين بالشكل الحالي هاد مااا تركو الصحراء لحتى يسكنوا في الاردن قصور ررررعمراء؟؟ واذا بنتفرج ع الصور يلي فيها زماااااان غزلان اسود منطقة خضرااء منطقة صيد

What’s happen ? abuse of resources
When the Turkish people decided to make خط الحديد الحجازي
They use the logs& tr they cut trees down
واذا بتتفرجو تحت سكة الحديد كل متر تقريبا بكون في نصف شجرة تحمل سكة الحديد
Other trees used inside train as source of energy
كانت تمشي عل البخار
Another victim is Africa law kanat bl $akel had hl2 no body will care to come and take over in Africa
هناك صراعات بين الدول الكبرى على افريقيا كل واحد بدو ياخد جزء منها
It uses to be a place of vats every thing was available animals Safaris, trees& water …
Now we don’t see in 3 to4 countries in Africa one tree in this whole countries .
What happen is that abusing of resources , simplification …. When those Europeans’ gets inside Africa each of one take piece of land and they start to change these land to agricultures places and they or dicattern cut down these trees and you know if you don’t have trees you don’t have rain والعكس صحيح
And the out come is vicious cycle ومجاعاااات
وباي لحظة الناس بتموت من الجوع متل مجاعات الصومال
In Africa the people kill each other if they feel extra no. of people live in that place like in Ugandan مافي مراعي تكفيهم
So they kill 1 million in few menthes
ورموهم في نهر النيل وعملو كارثة

So you see the outcome of this abuses of resources you damaging the environment and you create ??? in place so no more stability in this areas so as you see it is vicious cycle and we start with something now is political issue .
Now if we talk about water in Jordan we don’t have much water
and this is limiting factor for the development of the country .you cant bring about rapid development other country industries country as e.g without having more water so the first thing in Jordan now is to come up solution of this desecrating of water and we have two major source of water

#1 is Alde see which is not so0o0 good
It is not a great solution Why??
Water in Alde see place it is fossil water.
what’s mean fossil? Like we talk about oil this water have been accumulating through millions of years and we use it , it is not a renewable as good as other sources so we have 100, 000, 000 m
Water to Amman for a maximum body of 100 years some people say ok fine 100 years but again there is no more water in that place it is a transient solution it is not an excellent solution we need it as emergency solution
بعيد عنا حوالي 400 كم-450كم
And this is what ? the water would be costly when you bring this water through huge pipes then you need money for that and pumps for that way and we need maintains and for that reason the expensive water would be higher than usual water
حاليا شركة تركية هي القائمة على ذلك واخذت حقوق لمئة سنة
So0o to the moment that there is no more water .

#2 red sea to dead sea connection by tubes /pipes
To serve our purposes one of them to m save what happen to dead sea bcz if we continue like this without having water resources coming to this place 50 years from now you go with ur children and show them place and say what happen that there was dead sea here we don’t want to see this .
You must to do something we need water all tributaries of water including Jordan river have been used by Israel or other countries south to this area to the extent there is no more rain last year
And again high heat/ evaporation and we use water as well to produce what?
Salt & potash and by this we took the water from that place put it near by plants and evaporate / collect these salts
So you are helping out in loosing water from that place so that’s why now

#3 the third solution that we need is what we need nuclear station nuclear power station for dieselization of water coming through theses pipes from this red sea to this dead sea again there is holes ?? in these pipes and sometimes used to create energy, electricity & part of this energy utilize in dieselization of water

At same time save water and ?? n7me 2lbe2a
المشكله الكبيرة هي اسرائيل
Israel asking for rights from this place…
Jordan like many other Arab countries (much of them)don’t have enough water
main source of water is river called surface water .
Surface water: lakes , ocean , sea & rivers

Now how many lakes in Arabs countries like Jordan how many lakes in Canada ,Swede We talk about 100 or 1000 .so we are not rich with these we don’t have lakes

في مصر البحيرة الوحيدة... صناعية ... جاية من السد العالي ايام جمال غبد الناصر (بحيرة جمال عبد الناصر )؟؟ مش طبيعية فيها مشاكل كتيير الاحسن لو كانت طبيعية

The major rivers in Arab countries come from out side Deglaa & ALforat from Turkey & unite with ??? That’s coming from ?? And what’s happening we are talking about future world that might
Happen on water in this areas
Now what could happen if these countries Turkey & Uganda ???
decide to over uses of this water for their own purposes ?

هناك 5000 عالم اسرائيلي
Irrigation in these area working for sake for these countries to make new projects (irrigated project) to the point they go to Soddn &Egypt … you see you control life / people by diverted abusing /over using to promote water uses
عشان هيك في اتفاقات دولية (حقوق المياه)
لا تنتهك
If you have power 2l 8anon m3k if you don’t have power 2l 8anon mo m3k
بداية كانوا يتكلمو في مصر ,,لما كنا احنا صغار ,, عن مخاوف المستقبل

نفس الشي السودان لو انقسمت لدول وكل دولة قررت تستعمل قد ما بتقدر من الماء وتقلل قد ما بتقدر الماء في المناطق الاخرى ( كارثة )

That’s why 66 person of Arab land (is not clear ) the mount of rain is less than 100-250 ml per year any rain for that’s level is just for desert we don’t maintain life much only very small of Arab countries $way from Syria and Lebanon North region of Libya Algeria and Morocco
هذه مناطق فيها منسوب المياه فوق 1000ملم 3 في السنة بينما في بعض المدن الاوروبية 400ملم 3خلال ساعة والدول العربية 250ملم كل سنة !!

We don’t have much water and what to do something about .

Now what makes water surface water ground water
Or under ground water .

Now we have to take much as possible of rain we call this water harvesting or rain harvesting حصاد مائي means
How much collect in Jordan viscosity of rain of What collected
only 15% so what we are collecting of water total only 15% why ??

We don’t have enough dams we don’t have other places to collect this water another problem
وباالتالي هاي مشكلة لازم نفكر فيها
If you want to develop ur country expand ur life think about water sources.
so this is the situation in Arab countries some countries in the world what’s happening is water is not equally distributed some part of world they have some rain plus (more than they need) another have much lower than the need هيك الدنيا
and some times water is found away from where u are live bring water in
زي ما بنعمل احنا بالديسي بنجلبه لمنطقة
عمان ,,,مان
شربت كل مياه الازرق
حولنا الازرق الى ملاحات
Any way under ground water .surface water and rain we r not lucky in any of them

Water (under ground ) is more in the southern region of Libya
عشان هيك عملو
حلف زي ما احنا بنعمل بالديسي
To bring water from south part about 1000km to northern parts
Man made huge tubes النهر العظيم ))

** corrections are more than welcome ..

**success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing , you will be successful

Done by : Shaimaa shriem

Lecture# 2


Date :28/3
Shadi Jarrar
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community sheet # 2 of Dr Ma9'i -  Shaima2 Shrayem Empty Re: community sheet # 2 of Dr Ma9'i - Shaima2 Shrayem

Post by Dyala Al-Armouti on 6/5/2011, 6:12 pm

corrections sheet #2 :
page1 line 24 meet>>>mate
page2 line 6 Vs Reducing factors (d) means disaster
last line hole cane>>>> hurricen دوامات مائية (not imp. dr said )
page 3 line2 there are indemnity تعويض عن الضرر
line3 federal government ,money,...
line 10 earth Quake زلزال
line 18 #1 war now aday can do or, they found they attempt ....enviroment , جملة اعتراضية
line 24 tangs >>>> tanks
page 5 line 30 continually>>> continuously
page 7 line 26 menthes>>> monthes
line 29 ????>>>>>> grief
page 8 line 1 desecrating >>>>> scarcity of water شح المياه 100,000,000 cubic meter of water
line 34 now the third solution ....>> no space last line dieselization>>> de salinization تحلية المياه page 9 الدكتور حكى انه مو مهم تعرف من وين بجي او يتحد دجلة والفرات عموما النيل بيجي من اوغندا =D
page 10 line 1 66% of Arab lands is deleted the mount of rain is less than 200_250 ml
line 8 we dont have much water and must to do something about
line9 what makes water ?? #1 surface water #2 ground water #3 under ground water
line 24 where u are live and u have to bring water in النهر العظيم لجلب المياه الى المناطق الشمالية في ليبيا
Dyala Al-Armouti
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