micro sheet #9 of Dr 7assan - Ibrahim Sa3adeh (2nd part)

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micro sheet #9 of Dr 7assan - Ibrahim Sa3adeh (2nd part)

Post by Shadi Jarrar on 19/5/2011, 6:48 pm

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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2nd part of micro sheet # ??

Now when we come to the pubic lice the morphology is different & the mode of transmission is different, usually this disease is sexually transmitted disease

The eggs are going to be found on the pubic hair and they don’t transmit diseases also head lice don’t transmit diseases (BUT body lice transmit diseases)
So, pubic & head lice don’t transmit disease…body lice does transmit diseases

Pubic lice NOT always sexually transmitted sometimes it can mechanically by using tampons, but gonorrhea & syphilis are always sexually transmitted.

Now we’ll take about scabies (مرض الجرب):
• This disease is caused by mite (Sarcoptes scabiei) which actually burrows inside the keratinized outer-layer of the skin, so it’s feed on skin doesn’t feed on blood
• The transmission from person to other can be mechanical but often it’s sexually transmitted, so scabies is considered as a sexually transmitted disease, also can be transmitted by touching in children
• Once u get the mite it burrows inside the skin and produces tunnels in the skin (we can see it as a black dot in front of the tunnel) & it reaches to about 1cm inside the skin
• When u first become infected with it u will not have any symptoms because u really need to become allergic to it, so after about few weeks the patient become allergic to these mites & start scratching (which is the main symptom of scabies) and the scratching will be really very intense
• When u scratch u destroy the anatomy of these scabies and it might not be apparent, and when u scratch too much u will have excoriation of the skin (superficial loss of the skin) & these excoriations will be infected, so u might get SUPERINFECTION (bacterial infection superimposed the scratches)

• There’re certain areas in the body that are preferred by these mites (when u examine the patient u need to look at some areas that are most frequently infected), the best area to look is actually inside the breast probably because the skin is soft there, u can see spots and take a sample then put it on the microscope & examine them
• The webs of the fingers, groin and under the armpit are also places that can be infected
• Usually the face is actually spare EXCEPT in babies the face might be affected (but as a rule the face is usually spared)
• The hygiene of the person doesn’t help in preventing him from being affected when he come in close contact with the affected person BUT in case of body lice this is really affect bad hygienic persons

Now we’ll take about another subject which is BED BUGS (البق):
• They’re really big (3-4 mm) so u can see them
• Bed bugs don’t live on the body, they infect houses & the can live in the beds also where we have cracks in the furniture like wood furniture also under the mats
• They grow in these areas and at night they come out and feed on human blood -just like mosquitoes- they bite and produce a reaction and it’s very scratchy & very irritant and it’s more severe than mosquitoes, u will find the bite very scratchy & big
• They don’t transmit any diseases even diseases like (hepatitis B, HIV and other diseases that can be transmitted by blood)
• You need to find them in the house & kill them by insecticides, also u need to avoid buying second hand (used) furniture, so really the house is مبقق!! not the human, so u really have to had either infected clothes or infected furniture

The last we will take about which is FLEA (البرغوث):
• It’s a wingless insect so they don’t fly but they have a very strong legs and they jump very high (بطلة الألعاب الأولمبية  ) and if u have dogs or cats have these flea u can see them when they jump but when they jump they don’t leave the body of the dog
• Usually they live on animals & very rarely to live on human body, but the problem when u have a dog or cat when they die the eggs of the fleas that were produced fall on the mat for example and when they hatch and don’t find dog or cat to feed from it so they infect human
• Not really serious but they can transmit a disease called Plague (not plaque) or the Black Death from
• This disease transmitted from one rat to another by the bites of the fleas until the disease become epidemic
• The problem when the disease become epidemic these rats die and the fleas find humans and start biting then humans become infected by transmission of the bacterium of the plagues which is Yersinia pestis

Ibrahim murad
Dr. Hassan
Shadi Jarrar
مشرف عام

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Re: micro sheet #9 of Dr 7assan - Ibrahim Sa3adeh (2nd part)

Post by Dyala Al-Armouti on 27/5/2011, 8:51 pm

by ibrahim ,, thanx 4 him....

"correction for sheet 9 micro, Dr.Hassan
page 2 line 4, inside the wrists NOT the breast
sorry for that & thanx to Mohammad Abukar :) "
Dyala Al-Armouti

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