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    Post by Haneen Thnebat on 18/5/2012, 7:54 pm

    Reham Kilano Hello People! In OM sheet # 11 All the headlines seem to be Missing somehow!! so here they are: (place it in the HUGE gap in each page of the below)
    Page 1: the headline is SINUSITIS
    Page 10: ASTHMA

    OM sheet #10
    p.1 add to the last line "erythrocytes are paler than usual".
    p.3 add to the last line "such as a decrease in weight per unit of volume. Wikipedia".
    -p.6 first line titled by "Drugs that may induce hemolysis in G6PD deficiency" instead of "causes of aplatic anemia".
    -p.7 Leukaemias :under the topic add"Malignant diseases involving lymphoid cells:Leukaemias and lymphoma.
    -p.11 line 35:it respond well( instead of will)to chemotherapy.
    p.11 add to NHL:-Jaws are rarely involved.-Herpes zoster,herpetic stomatitis,oral candidiosis especially on cytotoxic or radiation therapy.

    Khaled Rashydah ‎-P3 line 17 :”the lower denture is fit “ , the correction “the lower denture is not fit “
    -p3 line 34 : “in hyoerfunction” , the correction “in hyperfunction”
    --p5 line 28 : “ effect of Tb on adrenal cortex is glaucomatous lesion” ,
    The correction “ effect of TB on adrenal cortex is granulamatous lesion”
    -p6 line 29 : ‘ adenoma or cancer in adrenal gland hyperplasia “ , the correction “adrenal gland or hyperplasia”
    -p7 line 28 “intermediate acting predision & predinsilon “ , the correction “ prednisolone & prednisone are short acting

    Ibrahim Murad Saada In my sheet page numb 7:
    Line 14: You should (know) that..." I forgot to write know"
    line 19: Premature graying (may) also be seen...

    sorry for the mistakes, hopefully not to find any other mistakes
    Haneen Thnebat
    Haneen Thnebat

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