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    Post by Haneen Thnebat on 28/4/2012, 4:03 pm

    Aslamo 3alykom,,,
    Pay attention plz, the article that was puplished for pedo lec#9 By Dr.Hwazen titled by "Pigmented lesions of the oral cavity" was published wrongly,so ITS NOT RECOMMENDED by the doctor,the one actually that she recommends, is in the following %2F%3Fgg6b5y913bfhkhk&h=pAQE3KwLeAQF-3IwyuI7WKc1XaZTZB8qqr4Iw9J7WTTfhow

    tom 2nshallah will be availble as hardcopy,so by this we have 2 articles for pedo Lec#9 :
    -Materials for restoration of primary Teeth 1.(the previous link).
    -Materials for restoration of primary Teeth 2.(was already published).

    Materials for Restoration of Primary Teeth 2.pdf
    Haneen Thnebat
    Haneen Thnebat

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