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Post by Haneen Thnebat on 13/10/2012, 4:39 pm

Aslamo 3alykom,,,
First of all, We would like to thank all who cooperate with us and concern about the general benefit of the class, either by writing a good sheet or by taking the recorder&deliver the sheet in the exact time.
Second,U know that unfortunately ,the sheets are the only source for studying!!So just try to be more responsible toward the sheet that assigned to u!!Try to attend the lecture,writing the headlines and slides orders in order to have a well-organized information rather than wasting time in (2lba7th 3an 2lkanz 2lmaf8od!),for the 1000 time write every single word in the recorder and don't decide by ur self the importance of information,ask the doctor if u face any unclear point,,and the most imp thing is to deliver the sheet after 3 days Max of the lec!!Some lectures are imp to be studied befor the clinics such as Ortho!!We try to provide the slides as soon as possible ,if they they weren't avaible for some reason, u can get any of the last year's slides from tla3 2l3ale.Finally,, No need to copy paste the sheet from tha last year !!Even if it's the same, Doctors usually add or skip some information.

p.s:bar9'o msh 3'ala6 lo tel8o na6'ra 3la 8a2emet 2l sheets wt3rfo mta kol 7da w2t sheeto ,,wyjeb flash wya5od 2ltasjeel ba3d 2lmo7a9'ra,,l2no fe nas btn9adem b7yatha lma t3raf 2no 3aleha sheet!
Thank u all
Haneen Thnebat
Haneen Thnebat

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