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community sheet # 5 of Dr Ma9'i -Ameera Alma7asneh Empty community sheet # 5 of Dr Ma9'i -Ameera Alma7asneh

Post by Shadi Jarrar on 6/5/2011, 4:31 am

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


- Anything that affect our possession , or the health of the environment ,animals,plants,all of them considered as state air pollution.
-To be able to tell if an air is polluted ,we take an air sample and analyze the component, but how we can tell if is it polluted or not ?
-at first we should know the original components of the air, but in fact we don’t really know them, because pollution is everywhere, and its different gases ,with different amounts, so we creat an imaginary composition of air as a reference and go back to it.
- soo ,if our sample show more than the reference ,we can say the air is polluted.

What are the sources of air pollution :
1- natural sources.
Such as : earthquakes , volcanoes, strokes, natural fires in hot summer, lightening in winter can cause fire also.
Its either :
A- stationary.
such as : houses ,factories, industries…
cars, trains…

_There is also " point(!) sources versus non-point sources :
_point source means: its well defined source of pollution.
for ex : we know that this factory is a source of pollution, y3ni we know from where it is.
_non-point source : diffuse source and unable to identify it.

but why we classify it to points and non-point ?
in order to control the pollution, so that if its point source , I can stop the pollution, but if its non-point source >> its difficult to control.
so till now , we said about the source:
- natural vs man-made.
-fixed vs mobile.
-point vs line source.
_line source, it looks like the highway! , also train lines and airplanes lines, (that’s what I heared).

we classify pollutants according to many criteria into :

1-organic vs inorganic.
_organic : contain c, h ,o atoms
such as : methane ,ethane, butane…
_inorganic : CO, CO2, SO ,SO2, NO….NOx ,Sox…. Also lead is water pollutant, but in what form ?,, we will see in a while.

2-according to state of matter into :
A- gases >> SO ,SO2, CO, NO,NOx,SOx….
B_ liquids >> (mist !) such we talk about splashed water, if u live closer to the sea, then you have this air passing over carry small droplets called (mist!)
-not only the person who spray this material is affected , anyone who pass by or living near the farm and exposed to these mist, he will be affected.
C_solids >> like dust , which is organic.
but if we talk about stones, its mineral dust which is inorganic, so it can be both and it has to be in certain size so that it can affect our health.
-also lead is solid.

- the children who lives in highways, have higher level of lead in their blood.
so as you live higher, then lower amount of lead in blood, and
as you live closer (down) ,you have more exposure to lead and especially for children , and this is because of dust from streets and get inside houses.
……………………………………..11:08( wala walla mo wade7 el9oot, im sorry)

-we have something called aerosols ,those persons of asthma!
Change liquid into small droplets or solids into small particles, so aerosols can be liquids or solids.

3-according to their effects.
-it can affect the follows :
A-respiratory system.
C-cancer patients.
D-it has narcotic effect, and this will make people feel fatigue and lazy at the end of the day.
for ex :anesthesia.
E-irritation to the skin and the eyes, bcoz it makes conjunctivitis .
F-the dangerous one is death.
for ex : in London 1952 , there was something called smug,, which is smoke and fog,, its bcoz they used "coal" as a source of energy.
Then people start to feel unable to breath, and some of them died.
-also in newyork ,people die bcoz the concentration of pollutants get so high to the extent that ppl couldn’t tolerate.
So it might be disaster at anytime.

now there is something called ' atmospheric inversion" or temperature inversion :
its as we go high ,it the temperature become high.!
>>when hot pollutants with low density get out from factories , so it go upward!
for ex : downtown Amman , jabal el-Hussein,so its forbidden for buses to go their .

-the pollution doesn’t affect only human, also it affects plants, but how ?
-the sensitive part of plant is leaves, and scientist can read the type of pollution from the leaves of the plants , bcoz each plant give certain temperature on leaves.
Also they can read the direction of our pollution from where it comes , the side that is close to the highway is burned out and brownish, but the other side is greenish.

-sulfur dioxide it burns the leaves of the plants.
-ozone is good up than down , bcoz down is carcinogenic and considered as pollutant.
-there is new technique for ozone to clean up the (intestine!),it will kill the germs and microbes.

-we must not breath ozone bcoz it will damage the alveoli .for ex: if a person came to the doctor and he is unable to breath , and he breathed ozone during daytime ,but he took time to show the symptoms , since ozone isn’t soluble in water, so it took several hours to be unable to breath.
But if you breathed SO2(!) , you will take only few minutes to show effects!
For ex ; if we all entered a room contain SO2,(…!).
but if we entered a room contain ozone, we don’t feel it , it takes several hours.
so it depend on solubility ,so solubility of the gas decide at what level the respiratory system will act.
_ high solubility will affect the eyes and upper(respiratory!)
but low solubility will affect the lung.
-ammonia will affect the upper, for ex : if u want to waken somebody, you smell him ammonia, or onion, so activate the upper center, also HF(hydrofloride).
but NOx, nitrogen compounds it will affect down !.
Be careful of child who is asthmatic, and stays with his mother in the kitchen ,bcoz in the kitchen ,there is NOx,soo either he produce few effects like irritation or the asthma become so sever.

Plzzz forgive me if some sentences was unclear ,and for some missing words, but the recording was not that good!,, im soo sorry 

Shadi Jarrar
Shadi Jarrar
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community sheet # 5 of Dr Ma9'i -Ameera Alma7asneh Empty Re: community sheet # 5 of Dr Ma9'i -Ameera Alma7asneh

Post by Dyala Al-Armouti on 6/5/2011, 4:24 pm

ya36eek el 3afyeh ...

this is another link (97-2003 document) comunity5_ameera.html

good luck all community sheet # 5 of Dr Ma9'i -Ameera Alma7asneh 864937
Dyala Al-Armouti
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