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Post by Shadi Jarrar on 13/2/2011, 1:35 am

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Primary health care was first defined at alma.doc


Primary health care * *

Primary health care was first defined at alma-ata, WHO conference in differs from community to another community according to the needs, economy and finances of the community.

Some communities have environmental pollution so we have to concern about environmental factors and some communities have nutritional problems so we have to concern about nutritional factor. So it is difficult to establish primary health care.

In Jordan we concern about maternal and child health care services more than elderly health care because it is fast growing community and the percentage of elderly is about 7 % , it is not mean to ignore the health care of the elderly but the priority to maternal and child heath care .

The goal of the conference at 1978 is (the health for all by the year of 2000).

The conference defined health not only by the absence of diseases, it is fundamental human right, the quality of health psychologically, physically and socially is well being.

At that time (1978) there was an extreme gab between developing and developed countries.

The people have the right and duty to participate collectively and individually (people themselves responsible for their health).
Governments have responsible for the primary heath care services; they should provide free health care services to poor members of community because rich members can reach these services more easily.

We are dealing with families and all members of community in primary health care, all of us have to work to achieve better health.

Primary heath care means: promote health, prevent illnesses and manage uncommon illnesses. It extends beyond traditional and physical health and it includes all human services which play apart in addressing the related determinant of health.

Social status, social environments, employment, working condition, culture and social supported network greatly affected the heath care services.

Primary health care should include:
1) Physicians, nurses, and dentists
2) Health promotion
3) Illness prevention
4) Health maintenance and home support
5) Rehabilitation (very important to improve the quality of life)
6) Hospital emergency

-Services provide generally in community and subsevices provide in hospitals.

-primary heath care is different in each community and it depends on:
1) Needs of residence
2) Availability of health care providers (like professional doctors and nurses)
3) Communities geographic location
4) Proximity of the health care services

- Principles of health care services:
1) Accessibility (people can reach hospitals and other services easily)
2) Efficient and appropriate
3) Continuity of health care (follow up)
4) Community participate in primary heath care
5) Knowing the causes of death of the population
6) Affordable
7) Acceptable (depends on culture) and needs

Medical model health care model
Treatment heath promotion
Illness health
Cure prevention care
Episodic care continuous care
Specific problems comprehensive care
Individual practitioners teams of practitioners
Professional dominate participation of community

The aim is to change the medical model to health care model.

Health services activities:
1) Education
2) Adequate food supply of community
3) Save water
4) Environmental factors
5) Maternal and child health care planning
6) Prevention and control of epidemic diseases
7) Immunization and vaccination
8) Provision of essential drugs
9) Follow up

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